"The word realism is a compound with the Latin realis (real, true) and the Greek suffix ismo (activity, doctrine, system)”.

Time envelops everything, it is painting the reality of the past, present and future.

When I see the hands or feet I remember how I moved them, only that person did it, nobody else, was, is and will be unique.

When I see his face I see more, I see his joys and sorrows. One eye tells me something, the other tells me something else, his ears, nose and mouth are unique, that transports me inside and he talks to me, he tells me about his life and I mine, we make friends, that's why the image takes care of me and I take care of her, we enter intimacy and we do not leave any details.

Now she knows me, now I know her, for others it will be hanging on a wall and it will always be remembered, for me, it will be in my mind and heart.

That is realism for me.


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Personalized portraits to give away.

Your actions define you ...

Now you can have an original work of art, in your home, of the great master "Ghesus".

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